2 simple ways to get a real person on the phone

As we’re all painfully aware, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems are overused as a bad substitute for real customer service. Here are two simple ways to get around most of the ones you’ll ever encounter:

1. Fonolo: A free service that has pre-programmed the dial sequences for hundreds of companies. Simply choose which department you want to reach, enter your phone number, and Fonolo will call you when there’s a human on the line–no waiting. 2. GetHuman: To get past the more niche IVRs that Fonolo can’t, simply type in the name of the company you’re trying to reach. The results are created and curated by the site’s users, making it easy to find the shortest wait time to get a person on the line for almost any company you’re likely ever to have a problem with.

Do you have any services/tricks that you use to get around IVRs? Post a comment below!