How to build a standing desk on the cheap with galvanized pipe

I recently converted my old desk into a standing desk. I did this because of back pain from sitting for long hours studying, because I felt that it would make me more productive, and because recent studies have shown the harmful effects of sitting for extended periods of time.

As a student, however, I was on a shoestring budget, meaning that the likes of the $700 GeekDesk just wasn’t going to be feasible. I came up with the idea of building a desk out of galvanized pipe after browsing some of the pipe furniture on Instructables. I did some research, shopped around, and found that the most cost-effective way to build it was by using 1/2″ pipe from Home Depot.

Here are the necessary supplies:

  • 5 flanges ($4.98 each)
  • 9 “T” fittings ($1.69 each)
  • 1 cross fitting ($5.03 each)

And whatever length of pipe necessary for the desk you are working with. The most cost-effective way to buy the pipe is to pick up the 10-foot pieces and ask an employee to cut and thread them for you (which they do for free).

I was able to build this standing desk for under $80 (monitors and monitor stand not included, obviously). Keep in mind that I did reuse the top of my old desk. In any case, this was much more cost-effective than any other standing desk setup I have seen, and it has worked very well!