Bike ride from the Portland Zoo to the Waterfront [video]

I went on a ride last night with my uncle and his friend from the Portland Zoo to the waterfront, passing through Washington Park and the Pearl District on the way. It’s a fun route, and I’m looking forward to biking more in that area. (Disclaimer: Watch this video on small–I stabilized it but it’s still a little nauseating full screen.)

To bike this route yourself, catch the MAX to the Washington Park/Zoo stop. Take the elevator up to ground level, then hop on your bike and bike uphill on the road immediately in front of you. The road will soon slope downward, and you’ll cruise through Washington Park. In the park, you’ll pass the water reservoirs and Japanese Gardens. At Park Ave, take a right, then take another right onto Vista. Pass over the bridge, then take your first left into the neighborhoods. Follow this road all the way to downtown Portland, keep going straight, and soon you’ll be at the waterfront. There is a loop that runs around the waterfront and is well-lit, with multiple options for pedestrian-friendly bridges to transport you across the river.