Battle-testing waterproof iPhone armbands

My recent move to Portland precipitated (pun intended) an upgrade of my iPhone armband. In college, I used a plastic bag and a Belkin armband on rainy days. I’m running further than I was then, and prefer to save the plastic. So I shopped around on Amazon and picked up two cases to test.

The Minisuit SPORTY ($13):

I really like this case. It’s light, small, and very similar to the Belkin armbands I’ve been using for years. The difference is that the slot to insert the iPhone is situated lower, providing much more waterproofing. This is well-suited for light rain and will likely be my primary armband.

The FRIEQ Universal Case ($14):

This thing is bulky, ugly, and conspicuous. But it’s water-tight. Two clips seal the iPhone in and it even has a waterproof headphone connector. I could probably swim with this thing on. I’ll likely save this for only the heaviest of rainy days.