Useful Intellij HotKeys and tricks in OSX

Search everywhere: Shift + Shift Find in Project: Cmd + Shift + F Add a breakpoint: Cmd + F8 Duplicate a line: Cmd + D Run in debug mode: Shift + F9 Run: Shift + F10 Stop Run/Debug Session: Cmd + F2 Pop open the terminal: Alt + F12 Find usages of a method or variable: Option + F7 Show currently-executing line: Option + F10 Tab to autocomplete: One annoyance with IntelliJ is that autocompletion doesn’t account for a token already being present before it inserts. So you end up having to delete text if you’re already in the middle of a method name and do autocomplete, for example. A way around this is to hit the Tab key instead of the return key when doing autocomplete. This will then autocomplete in the way that you’d expect.

Written on December 3, 2014