Indian Heaven Weekend

A motley crew of 10 friends and I spent last weekend backpacking Indian Heaven Wilderness, in southern WA.

It’s one of my favorite places to backpack, because it’s relatively flat and there are lakes almost every half mile to camp at. We started at the Thomas Lake trailhead, hiked to Bear Lake, set up camp, and then hiked back. It was about 16 miles total.

Some of the lakes we saw during the trek.

Blue Lake (appropriately named), about midway.

Relaxing at the Bear Lake after we set up camp.

The water was great (I heard).

Our little tent city.

Mosquito nets: so hot right now.

We brought along a couple canine companions, and they had a blast.

On Saturday night, we lucked out with a totally clear sky, perfect for shooting photos of the Milky Way over the lake.