The Corona Diaries, Week 2

Week 2 under quarantine in Portland has been really good, overall.

I ran into this group of people the other day who had rigged up their Jeep into a mobile karaoke station:

During regular life, my coworkers and I do a game night on Thursdays. This past Thursday, we experimented with a remote game night over Zoom. Initially, I couldn’t hear them because the game volume was too high, but I solved it with this macOS app called BackgroundMusic, which lets you control the volume for individual apps. After getting that sorted out, it worked great. We played several rounds of QuipLash. My run club friends and I are going to try out some other remote games on Tues.

We also usually do yoga on Thursdays, and that worked well over Zoom, too. It was fun have the kiddos join in.

It’s been an extremely productive week. I got the business logic fully implemented for a project at work. I rewrote the deploy pipeline for my website. I provisioned infrastructure for a Slack bot I’m building. I finished reading Spillover this morning, and am continuing my pandemic reading kick with The Great Influenza.