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Git alias to generate .gitignore file

This is a git alias I use very frequently in new projects to generate a .gitignore file from To use it, add it to your global ~/.gitconfig file.

Handy GitHub Workflow Tricks

I went through this course recently and learned some handy GitHub workflow tricks. Here are the most useful ones I found.

Holden Village Drone Flights

Here are some videos from a few drone flights from my recent trip to Holden Village, WA. These were shot with my DJI Spark, an excellent drone for backpackin...

CSS Specificity

I came across these infographics recently on CSS specificity and thought they were useful, so I decided to share them.

Zig Zag Mountain Hike

Hiked Zig Zag Mountain this weekend with a few friends. It was a hot, 11-mile hike with some brutal elevation at the end, but it did have the option of cooli...

Why is Nagios called Nagios?

Stumbled across this tidbit the other day and thought it was funny. According to History of Nagios, Nagios was originally called “NetSaint.” However, due to ...