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How to blend action shots in Photoshop

My friends and I camped at Crater Lake in July. During that trip, I got a bunch of burst photo sessions of people jumping in. I wanted to blend them like thi...

Git alias to generate .gitignore file

This is a git alias I use very frequently in new projects to generate a .gitignore file from To use it, add it to your global ~/.gitconfig file.

Handy GitHub Workflow Tricks

I went through this course recently and learned some handy GitHub workflow tricks. Here are the most useful ones I found.

Holden Village Drone Flights

Here are some videos from a few drone flights from my recent trip to Holden Village, WA. These were shot with my DJI Spark, an excellent drone for backpackin...

CSS Specificity

I came across these infographics recently on CSS specificity and thought they were useful, so I decided to share them.