Alexa Sonos Intercom

This is a recent weekend project I built. I had a Sonos system, and thought I’d turn it into an intercom using Alexa as the input. Here’s a demo:

Here’s how I put this together:

1. Deploy a publicly-accessible Sonos API server with

I wrote up a separate post on how to do this here.

2. Create an AWS Lambda function

Create an AWS Lambda function using the code here. This function will be the brains of the Alexa skill.

Set the following environment variables:

  • SONOS_API_SERVER: Publicly-accessible endpoint of your Sonos API server
  • AUTH_USERNAME and AUTH_PASSWORD: Credentials to perform Basic auth on requests to that server

3. Create an Alexa skill

Set up a basic Alexa skill using the Alexa Skills Kit. Point the skill at the Lambda function you set up in step 2.

For the intent schema and example utterances, use the configuration in the repo from step 2.

4. Done!

You’re done. Have fun with your new intercom system!